Driveshaft shortening near me

Machine Service, Inc. MSI has over employees serving clients world-wide. MSI has certainly grown from its humble beginnings, yet many of the key founding elements still remain. He discovered the need for quality machine work at an economical price and decided to specialize in the power transmission segment of the machining industry. As he pioneered the development of innovative drive shaft manufacturing equipment, this young entrepreneur was well on his way to becoming an industry leader.

Edward Fowles recognized and developed his market when he started his small business 68 years ago. It was his dream to pass on this legacy someday. With his family, that are now leading the company, the business was in capable hands and a solid future was taking shape. A plan was made to build a new facility that would improve efficiencies and increase productivity.

With this in mind MSI purchased a new 78, square foot building in The move had immediate benefits with computerized inventory management, drive shaft fabricating machines with state-of-the-art controls and new balancing equipment with the finest in technological read-outs to ensure the best quality for our valued customers. Welcome To Machine Service, Inc. Customer Service MSI serves clients world-wide. Marine MSI has the expertise to help you select the best power transmission solution for your Marine vessel needs.

Vehicular MSI supplies a wide range of vehicle manufactures across the globe with a large array of drive line products to meet any need. Search for:. Follow Us!What We Do? Drivelines Northwest generates solutions to your driveline problem, no matter how complicated. With 3 locations in the Seattle area we can diagnose, repair and replace almost any problem related to your driveline. We stock parts for all kinds of driveshafts, and assemble and sell complete drivelines. If you don't see your part type shown, or can't find the correct part, please call one of our Driveshaft Experts.

Drivelines Northwest offers driveshaft repair and fabrication services for all types of vehicles, equipment, machinery and other applications utilizing universal joint type driveshaft. Company wide we have seven different balancers that allow us to solve vibration issues on a wide variety of different types of driveshafts. CV-joint shafts transmit engine power to the thrust-bearing and propeller shaft while allowing engine movements in every direction.

Please allow for proper social distancing in our lobbies and shops. Drivelines NW. Shop Online Follow links below to get the part you need, fast! Seattle S. Brandon St. Seattle, Wa. Website design, support and hosting by Back40 Design. Visit our marine site: www.After I got turned down from about 10 places Action Machine was extremely helpful and did a fantastic job. Turn around was extremely fast and Bob emailed me pictures of what they were doing.

Could not be happier and very glad I went with them. Click here. All of our driveshafts come with a lifetime weld warranty and a lifetime guarantee that you will not twist our tube.

All of our individual components, whether sold in a complete driveshaft or purchased separately, come with a one year warranty. Read our full warranty policy. It is not hard to offer a warranty this broad if we build shafts the right way and right here in the USA. We look forward to the opportunity to help you with your project. In addition to driveshafts for cars and pick-up trucks, we also build shafts for many other types of applications.

Ford F100 Shortbed Conversion; How to Shorten a Driveshaft With basic tools!

Find more information on all of our driveshafts below. Aluminum Driveshaft Performance. Home About us Contact us Shopping Cart. My Account. Welcome to Action Machine Inc! Login Create Account. Custom Driveshafts. Replacement Driveshafts. Driveshaft Parts. World Class Driveshafts — Local Shop Values Since and the days of stick welding each driveshaft in a lathe, Action Machine has expanded our local business with a strong reputation for quality products, unique knowledge to solve complex driveline problems and a desire to exceed customer expectations.

We have grown up a lot since those early days with a team of driveshaft professionals, three computer assisted high speed balancing machines and quality inspection procedures.

As we have grown, our goal has always been the same — always take care of the customer first. Action Machine Inc. Quality Action Machine was started over 40 years ago by three tool and die makers who began by building performance engines and the driveshafts that went with them.

Their expertise in materials, engineering and welding laid the foundation for the premium quality driveshafts that you can buy today from Action Machine. Just like any tool and die maker would insist on, our incoming parts are audited to ensure they are built to spec. Our manufacturing equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure quality.

Every employee is empowered to stop production for any reason that may affect quality.

driveshaft shortening near me

Our employees are passionate about building driveshafts that far exceed OEM straightness and balance specs — spending extra time during the build more than pays for itself with no vibration returns and customers who come back time and time again.

Guaranteed Quality All of our driveshafts come with a lifetime weld warranty and a lifetime guarantee that you will not twist our tube. Keep in Touch Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about coupons and special promotions.

Unavailable Sold Out. Steel Driveshaft. Medium - Heavy Truck Driveshaft. Multi Piece Driveshaft. Industrial Driveshaft.We can take your 4x4 to new heights. Whatever the demand, Carolina Driveline can deliver! We can custom build, replace, repair, and balance most any foreign drive line.


Call: today for free quote. Our large inventory of domestic and foreign parts allows Carolina Driveline to keep your equipment running and reduce down time. We stock the highest quality parts, provide fast turn around times, and precision balance all shafts.

Carolina Driveline can reduce and help eliminate your down time. Carolina Driveline is a leader in the drive shaft industry.


We have over 37 years of OEM and aftermarket engineering experience, creating new and innovative products. Using our expertise, Carolina Driveline builds the highest quality driveshaft at a very competitive price. We use only the highest quality u-joints, yokes, and center bearings. Using the best quality steel, aluminum, and chromoly metals we can also ensure your shaft will be strong and exceed your expectations. We ship domestic and global at a very competitive rate. No matter where you are, or what you are working on, Carolina Driveline can deliver.

Our diagrams will guide you to measure your application correctly to ensure proper fit and performance. Measurements Page. Learn More. How confident are you leaving the line? Before we build, we must measure! Sye Kit, we must measure! Carolina Driveline. Driveshaft Measurements. Product Line-Up.T he Drive Shaft shop is proud to now offer actual high speed balancing service. Over the years we have been faced with the question that almost every balancing machine available raises.

Instead of actual shaft speed, they rely on sensors that detect the "weight centerline" of the part being spun. This means that when the shaft is spinning, the machine is seeing how far out of center the weight is and then goes on to indicate what amount of weight is needed to bring it within a certain tolerance. That being said, when the shaft is being spun at the actual speed that it will be running at, it presents more information to assimilate and therefore gives the ability to more accurately correct it.

driveshaft shortening near me

With this new machine we can spin a 17lb shaft to actual speeds of over RPM, whereas most drive shaft balancers only spin from RPM most average about RPM. This machine was custom made for us and high speed balancing is offered as a separate service, only from The Drive Shaft Shop.

driveshaft shortening near me

Either you get old with the rest of the pack or you grow and learn on a constant basis. Here at The Driveshaft Shop we grow and learn everyday. Drag racers stopped by on a regular basis and there still here and National Speedway was the place to go, those were simpler times. We understand cars and the unique challenges involved in making a racing shaft today. Technology has changed and so has The Driveshaft Shop.

All of our carbon steel and Chromoly shafts are welded to our demanding specs using our unique slow feed lathe mounted welders using a special powdered core wire that has a higher tensile strength than conventional welding.

Every shaft is balanced on our state of the art computerized two-plane balancers and weights are attached with our special rivet type mounts.

All this is great. With this info we will be able to check for overall strength, critical speed and durability needed.

All shafts are hand made in our Carolina facility and carefully packed for shipping within days. This car would have top RPM of Now the shaft being designed will need to be able to so this RPM. Here at The Driveshaft Shop we are street rod people.We offer complete driveshaft services including driveshaft assemblies, parts, repairs and dynamic balancing.

We consider it the most important job we do. We feel the highest praise is when a customer recommends us to their friends and associates.

Gilbert Driveline Service and Supply Inc. In the 's the company expanded into mounting dump truck bodies, lengthening and shortening truck frames - the beginning of the driveshaft business.

Throughout the 's and into the early 's, the company focused on fire apparatus sales, manufacturing and repair, along with the continuously growing driveshaft business. Since the early 's we have concentrated solely on the driveshaft business and have honed our skills and knowledge in this field of expertise.

driveshaft shortening near me

We do it all in driveshaft repair, manufacturing, dynamic balancing and driveshaft parts sales. Our employees have over years of combined experience with driveshafts, their components, repairs and manufacturing. Our experience makes us the most knowledgeable in designing, manufacturing and repairing driveshafts.

We stock a large quantity of the more common parts for customer convenience. We take pride in our fast turn around time, especially on heavy duty Grade 8 truck shafts for on road breakdowns. This is the body to the cutaway picture featured across our top banner. The main driveshaft goes from the transmission to the transfer case. A second driveshaft goes from the rear mounted transfer case to front axle. We have our own Dynamic Balancing machine in house.

That means quick turn around times and quality service for you. We offer many driveshaft repair services Visit our Services page or Contact Us today to see what we can do for you. We are the Northeast's premier driveshaft specialist. Our Number One Asset is our Employees Our employees have over years of combined experience with driveshafts, their components, repairs and manufacturing. Services Offered We offer many driveshaft repair services Parts in Stock We stock thousands of parts to give you what you need.I bought Denny's 3.

My 65 Malibu had a vibration starting about RPM in high gear. I tried three different driveshafts Click here to send us your testimonial. When shipped to any of the Lower 48 States. Check us out in your past and present issues of most of the popular automotive magazines. Over the years we have done a vast number of driveshafts that have been featured or used in various projects and tech articles as well as cars and trucks owned by you the readers.

Those facts have made our reputation legendary on the street, race tracks and on the internet. We have to thank you for all the good word and for writing all the positive and complimentary pieces that we have found about us on the world wide web. Maybe this is why we have become the first choice in driveshafts with all the street and race enthusiasts worldwide! Our relentless attention to detail Strength, Reliability and Smooth Vibration Free Performance is what you can expect from one of our driveshafts.

Remember most driveshaft shops only have low speed balance equipment. This may not be good enough for your application!

You've come to the right place for a driveshaft

When shopping for a driveshaft always ask the question. What rpm will they balance your driveshaft to? We are a true high performance and racing driveshaft builder that knows what it takes to keep it all together when you need it most. We concentrate our efforts on ONE product line and we do it best. We also offer you Free Lifetime Labor for most of your future alteration and maintenance needs.

When you select a high performance item, such as a driveshaft, it is MOST important that you understand that all driveshafts are NOT created equal. Make your decision by judging quality not price. Loading, Please Wait Product Search. See Search Hints.

Denny's Driveshaft builds custom steel and aluminum driveshafts for your high performance car, street rod, race car, van, pick up or 4x4 truck.


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